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What is coaching?

Everyone wants to know how they can be better, how can they improve and be the best they
can be. Coaching is a method to get you there. Coaching is not telling people what to do; it is helping them clarify and control their life. It is helping them evaluate what they are doing now in their life in the light of their goals, dreams, values and intentions. It gives them new choices and leads to change. Coaching helps a person go beyond the mental blocks of what they thought was possible. Coaching works as a partnership between coach and client, it helps to clarify goals, to make them challenging and motivating, then to achieve those goals with the energy that comes from their deepest values.

Coaches are specially trained to work with people in all walks of life to help them achieve their
goals, live their values and be the best they can be.

How is coaching different to therapy and counselling?

Counselling and therapy are to remedy the client’s problems. The client comes to therapy or counselling because they feel dissatisfied with their life and want relief from psychological and/or physical symptoms.

They want to get away from pain or discomfort rather than move towards desired goals.
Therapy and counselling often seek to understand the past and what went wrong in order to be
better in the present. Coaching focuses on the present and the future. A coach may work with a
client who has a good life, but wants the coach to help them make it better. Through faith
based coaching, we fuse Islamic knowledge with action and a husn a’thun mindset to help you
achieve your life goals.

How is coaching different from training or teaching?

Training and teaching involve the transfer of skills and knowledge to the learner. The trainer or teacher is the expert.

In coaching, the coach is not the expert, coaching does not give answers, but asks questions. Coaching explores the present and designs the future for the client, the client learns in the process, but the coach does not teach directly.

What are benefits of coaching to Muslims?

Muslims will be clear about what they want in life. They will go after it with passion, because they have cleared the obstacles that blocked them. They will have a more satisfying and content life in every aspect. They will become more effective and skilled in their work and get better results.

What are your qualifications to teach and Coach?

Nina Fashik is a qualified Life Coach and Islamic Educator. Nina obtained her Bachelors degree in Islamic Studies, Diploma in Shariah Law, ongoing training and development through Corporate work experience and personal life coaching, and is a qualified NLP practitioner with an array of experience in life. She is currently an ongoing student of knowledge embarking on her Masters in Islamic Studies with sights to a PHD. Nina is currently a student of Al-Quran with sights on her ijaza in Tilawa (Recitation). Nina is a student of Islamic Psychology at Charles Sturt University and lectures at the Australian Islamic Centre in Newport Melbourne, Victoria.